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Bridging the future of finance and the real world.

Transact while maintaining ownership of your digital assets. Use crypto to perform conventional banking operations, such as paying bills, sending money, and creating payment cards that work anywhere.

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Interfacing crypto with traditional banking

Imagine if you could use your crypto wallet like a bank account. With Palladium, crypto natives and DAOs can now access various banking services directly from their crypto wallet.

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Palladium Cards

Spending crypto has never been easier

Connect your non-custodial wallet or smart contract account to create multi-use payment cards. Spend your crypto globally, set dynamic limits, earn rewards, reload, freeze, transfer, and much more.

Open Banking Infrastructure

Super charge your dApp or wallet with our APIs

Palladium is making banking functionalities embeddable, accessible, and more affordable for developers building in the crypto ecosystem. Our goal is to enable users to unlock real world crypto value. Work with us to build the next generation of financial applications.


Instantly issue branded cards for your users

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Allow users to send money directly from your app

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